Posts Written On October 2005

Upgrade Disaster

I had a couple of clients that were dragging their feet to upgrade to Windows 2003. I had to release one as a client because of it The last client finally went the final route to upgrade their servers as well a replace an old server which was a dual P3 server. They ran into problems with backups because their backup solution was not capable of backing up the full drive. They were running a Raid 5 configuration. When I arrived Friday evening to begin the upgrade the first thing to get done was to install an external LTO2 drive…

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The Return Of The Broken?

After a long hiatus it seems as if a new episode of The Broken is about to be released. Over the weekend I was watching the latest HAK5 episode which has a pretty funny spoof of dignation at the end, BTW. They also make mention of a possible new episode of ‘˜The Broken’. So early this morning I jumped on to the Revision3 forums and there it was, a new section was added ‘thebroken Episode Discussions˜. So keep your eyes opened it might be any hour or day now.

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