Thursday, Apr 19, 2018

Time For A Change

Well the fall is here and I decided to make several changes to this site and my office. Firstly, I am positioning myself away from using my domain. I really don’t do much on PCs any more other than for work. The majority of everything I do, I do on Macs and Macs only. the PC-Doc name just doesn’t fit me any more. So I will be moving my site and emails to my domain. While I am making this major move, I will be redesigning the site as well. Secondly, I just finished redesigning my computer room. I needed a change badly, so I redesigned my computer room with lighter colors and less clutter. As you can see in the photo the redesign opens the room up a lot. I also got hooked on Japaneses anime figures, as you can see them plastered all over the wall and my desk.

You can view a Flickr sideshow of the redesign:

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