Get Your LiveUpdate running!

ISS has reported a large vulnerability in a component that is used in most of Symantec products. Symantec has acknowledged this and is fixing these problems through its LiveUpdates of its products. Symantec has buried it’s acknowledgement of the problem. If you want to read it and see if your product is affected, here is Symantec’s announcement.

phpBB taken down!

Well it seems a hacker group has taken it upon themselves to take down phpBB is a popular open source forum software. Not to long ago there was a worm going around targeting this popular software using Google to find vulnerable systems. The worm utilized a flaw in PHP to gain access to systems and deface them. In this case it was a flaw in awstats that was used to deface the site. phpBB has taken the forums down and replaced it with a splash screen explaining what had transpired. It seems as if they could be down for almost a week since they are having the actual server shipped from their data farm to their location for further investigation as to the extend of the compromise.

Move over Google

Looks like Google might get dethroned soon. Microsoft has just released it’s new Search engine and has added some pretty unique features to it tool set. Microsoft has added the ability for you to do search based on your location using the “Near me” option. When this option is used it does a reverse IP lookup to estimate location. It can also give answers to simple questions such as “How many carbs in a potato?” or “Who shot JFK”. The new search engine hooks into Microsoft’s extensive information contained in its Encarta product. Head on over to and give it a try.