My Precious!

This just arrived at my local T-Mobile today and I have been waiting for a “Crack”berry with bluetooth that didn’t make you look like a dork while you talked into it. I got off the train and headed directly to the store to pick mine up. This thing is uber-sweet, you have to use this thing to believe it. The one thing that is really cool is the built in AIM, Yahoo & ICQ messengers. The AIM client which is what I use is actually an AOL designed client, at least it behaves like it.

For more information go to the this Blackberry product link:

I owe these guys a drink!

Who says hackers are bad people? This group of hackers has definitely won brownie points with me. It seems as if the hacker group calling itself “TeAmZ US” is out to hack any terrorist website. And recently took down Zarqawi’s website and posted the image below. The image was a screenshot that InTheBullpen was able to grab before the terrorist group restored the site. A link to the full story and a full screenshot can be found on the link below.

Today was a sad day indeed

My mother was scheduled to fly to Germany for my Grandfather’s 100th birthday celebration in November. I was going to surprise them both by flying out there without any advanced notice. Unfortunately, that celebration will never occur. My Grandfather passed away in his sleep this morning in Greene, Germany. He had a full and memorable life and was recently plagued with health issues and cancer. He is now with my Grandmother in a better place free of pain and suffering. He is survived by his three Daughters and four Grandchildren. Rest in peace Opa.

Computerless Pong

I found a link to this site while searching through Hard|OCP this morning. Somebody in Germany made a mechanical version of Pong. You heard me right Pong the old classic two paddles and a ball bouncing back in forth. It’s a novelty to say the least but you have to see how this thing was built, it is simply amazing. The site is in English; however the video is in German with English subtitles. You must see the video.


Son of a biatch!

Remember I warned you about the JPEG exploit that was coming. We’ll a proof of concept for the exploit has been publicly posted. We’ll that didn’t take long now did it? With the proof of concept now public it will only be a matter of days before new viruses and Trojans start floating around taking advantage of the exploit. Patch those Microsoft products immediately or cry later.

For more information click the link below to take you the c|net article:

Opt Out! Malware In!

It seems there is an exploit making its rounds that takes advantage of opt-out links in spam emails. The link sends you to a site where you supposedly opt out of getting additional spam. Instead if you have an un-patched Internet Explorer you are hit with the “Drag and Drop” exploit. This then gives the remote party control of your system to with as they please.

For more information follow the link below to the ARS Technica article.

Ummm.. Is that a worm in your JPEG or are you just happy to see me?

It’s that time again, time to go to Microsoft’s update page and start updating everything you own from Microsoft. You heard me right everything, well just about everything. It seems that there is a flaw in the way Microsoft products display JPEGs which could allow someone to compromise your system. Yup, that’s right view a picture lose your system. Well the good news is that there is not even a proof of concept yet to exploit the hole. Doesn’t mean their not hard at work at it now since everyone knows it exists now. If your running Windows XP SP2 your not effected for your OS or Browser however your Office products still need to be updated. Follow the link below to view the Microsoft TechNet article.

I'll have an IPOD & Donut to go please!

You heard me right I’d like a donut to go with my Ipod. There is a new product called a donut to go with Apple’s various Ipods. It is basically a sticker that you place over your scroll wheel and protects it from scratches. The stickers come in different designs and even glow in the dark. Below is a link to the product, enjoy.


Hey hackers phish this!

Looks like AOL is moving in the right direction when it comes to security. I don’t know how many of my clients have had their AOL passwords phished in the past. Well AOL is starting an optional service it seems in which it would give customers that opt in, a RSA token. The RSA token is what corporations use to allow users to log into their corporate networks remotely. The item has a sequence of numbers that changes every several seconds. In order to login the end user must type in their password and the number sequence that is displayed on the token.

Below is a link to the article on the matter:

City wide Wifi – A geeks dream come reality

How cool would it be to open your laptop anywhere you are and be able to get online wirelessly, that would be a dream come true. We’ll that dream will come true for people in Philadelphia. Seems like the city is going to build one huge wireless mesh network that will cover 135 square miles.

You can read more about the InfoWorld article below: