I just recently purchased the Padster for my iPad, it is replacing a bag I just bought from Booq. The Padster is bag specifically designed for an iPad. Let me start by saying I utterly love my Booq bags, I own three of them for my 17″ Macbook Pro. The problem I had with my Booq Taipan Shadow XS is that it is way too small in every aspect. The compartment that holds the iPad is too restrictive, you can only really use it with a naked iPad (no case). We all know how slippery a naked iPad is, your just asking to drop it. With the iPad in, there is little space for anything else. It is a really tight bag with a shoulder strap that is way to short. It is so short you can only put the strap on your shoulder, you can forget about slinging it over your neck. I already have my RMA and it is going back to Booq.
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