What A Weekend

What a very crazy weekend it has been. I was getting ready to head into the city on Friday when my wife walks back into the door about 20 minutes after leaving for work. It winds up we had a good rain that night that froze into a sheet of ice. Needless to say she took a pretty big spill when she slipped on the sidewalk. I wound out canceling my city appointments and drove my wife to the hospital to be checked out. She didn’t break anything, thank god. However, she did need to have her arm put in a sling and have collar put around her neck to brace it.
Saturday I went into the city to update the firmware on the firewalls at one of my clients as well as install a couple of rack mount UPS. My wife joined me to keep me company even though she was in pain and not feeling too well. The firmware updates went smoothly. By the way Sonicwall is my new choice when it comes to firewalls, they have a terrific complete product offering. I then moved on the UPS. All was well until I unboxed both UPS to find my supplier forgot to supply me the network interface cards for them. That didn’t make me happy and does not bode well for my supplier. He will get an earful on Monday morning. Word of warning folks, do not attempt to rack mount UPS alone. I forgot how heavy these beasts are. I was able to get them in alone but I am paying for it the now, my back is killing me the day after. Continue reading “What A Weekend”