Cab From Hell

My wife and I had an incredible evening out on the town only to have it blown by an #^$%&!@ of a taxi driver. We got in a taxi after the opera at Lincoln Center. When we got in we noticed that there was a clip of Jimmy Fallon’s show playing so we turned it up to hear it. Well that’s when the evening went bad and fast. The driver decided to turn up his “SPANISH” radio station and complained he could hear the screen in the back. Needless to say his radio used every damn speaker in the van. I informed him the reason the screen in the back of the van was for the passengers and that I did not want to hear his radio. I turned off our screen and told him to do the same. He then informed me “this is America and this is what happening right now and I should learn spanish”. This is America and I should learn spanish? I had to scream at him that I was the passenger and I wanted the radio off now. After complying he decided to race his cab down Park Avenue at 50 miles an hour while it was pouring ran. Luckily enough we got to Grand Central safe and sound. I am getting in touch with the Taxi & Limousine Commission to complain about my cab ride from hell….

Ringtones Video Tutorial

I just finished putting together a quick video tutorial on how to create ringtones using GarageBand on a Mac. This is my second tutorial I have done so far. The first tutorial was on building an embedded firewall. I hope to put together various tutorials over the coming months at the pace of once a week if I can find the spare time. Well below is a link to the video, enjoy. I would welcome any input on the video as it will help me going forward. Thanks