Hip Hip Hooray!!

It looks like my rank glitch is gone. My percentage between ranks in G.R.A.W 2 had been frozen (stuck) for nearly two weeks. Microsoft gave me no solution to my problem, however one of their community members made a suggestion that seems to have done the trick. He told me to host an unranked player match and the go into a ranked match thereafter. That starts another glitch, when you do that no matter what rank you are you show up as a rank 1 to others. After two straight wins my rank now shows 5% towards next rank. YEAH!!!!!!

Xbox Live: "You Want What? That's funny!"

I purchased G.R.A.W 2 (Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2) for the Xbox 360 the day it was released. I have played it just about daily since buying it. This time around I decided I would only play ranked multiplayer matches. I never really did on the first version that came out for the 360. When you play ranked it keeps tracks of your wins and losses and your percentage between ranks goes up and down until you get to 100% percent and move up to the next rank.
The problem that I encountered is that two weeks ago I hit rank 5, however my percentage has remained at 0% towards the next level. No matter how many straight wins I get it doesn’t move past 0%. I posted my problem on Ubi’s forums, the maker of the game. I have not received a reply how to get around this problem. I did however get replies from individuals telling me they had the same problem. So I thought this might be more than a glitch I was having. I went to the Xbox Community Forums hosted by Microsoft and found there were more individuals having the same problem. I can only imagine there are a lot more people having the problem but not taking the time to post about it.
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