Regeneration Tour

I am at Jones Beach enjoying a great concert. It features some of the groups I listened to while is was in college during the 80s on Long Island. The following are tonights acts (in order of appearence):
Naked Eyes
Flock Of Seaguls
Belinda Carlisle
Human Leauge
These are groups I listened to 25 years ago, boy am I getting old. Did I say this concert rocks!!!!!!?
BTW this post was posted with my iPhone using the wordpress app. So forgive the lackluster photo.

First Video Tutorial

While I in the middle of designing my new Mac related website, the need came up to create a video tutorial. I created a video tutorial that teaches you how to configure Internet Sharing on a MacBook or MacBook Pro. Since it is mac related it will be the first video tutorial to go up when the site is done.
BTW.. won!