Indiana Jones Trailer

Well it seems the next addition to the Indiana Jones Series will hit theaters on May 22nd of this year. I can’t wait for this to hit, I have been drooling to see this ever since it was announced it was going into production. Here is a link to the trailer to get you drooling as well.
Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull Trailer

24 Not Returning Until 2009

Well it seems as if it is official, 24 will not be returning until 2009. It has been mentioned by two different individuals who are close the project that it will not be returning until 2009 even though they already have 8 episodes already shot. To add to that news, executive producer Joel Surnow will be leaving 24 effective immediately. The links bellow will get you to the appropriate articles concerning the show.
24 Executive Producer Joel Surnow Leaving Show
24 Creator Surnow Clocks Out

WGA Strike Over?

Well it looks as if the Writer’s strike will be over soon with the negotiating recommending acceptance of the contract worked out with the studios. The West board of directors as well and the East Coast guild’s council agreeing and urging it members to vote and ratify the contract. Good news for all the TV viewers in general tired of the crazy number of reality shows being pushed down our throats by the networks. However it is yet to be seen if any of the shows that ran out of episodes will be back this year or merely left out there until next season. As far as my favorite show ’24’, it is doubtful that this show will air this season at all. The closet I will get to 24 this year will be probably be this item I picked up at a Spencer’s today. 🙂

The Return Of The Broken?

After a long hiatus it seems as if a new episode of The Broken is about to be released. Over the weekend I was watching the latest HAK5 episode which has a pretty funny spoof of dignation at the end, BTW. They also make mention of a possible new episode of ‘˜The Broken’. So early this morning I jumped on to the Revision3 forums and there it was, a new section was added ‘thebroken Episode Discussions˜. So keep your eyes opened it might be any hour or day now.

Battlestar GaWacktica

Some how I missed this the first time it came around. A client of mine told me about Battlestar Galactica being redone. My first thought was that they picked it up from where they left off, when they got to earth. He then informed me that they redid the story from the beginning and that Edward James Olmos was playing Adama. I would have no problem with anyone redoing the show. However they completely destroyed the show within the first 15 minutes.
These are my major issues with the show:
1. Starbuch is a girl
2. Apollo hates Adama
3. Cylones look human
4. Battlestar Galactica can jump (Hyperdrive)
5. Baltar is now a scientist
6. They only have a handful vipers
7. The casting of all the characters is just horrid.
The list does not end there it just keeps on rolling. Why mess around with a classic that was well done in the first place. This is a real slap in the face for any true Sci-Fi fan.

Bad Tech in Hollywood

I can’t remember the last movie that was largely based on technology that got any terminology or its proper use correct. They hire technical advisors to make sure that what they are portraying is correct. What they really need is someone to make sure the technical advisors actually know something. I just watched the first 24 minutes of 24 which will air on Sunday. Don’t worry I am not going to give anything away. If you’re a geek or at least know some terminology you will be bent over laughing within the first 10-15 minutes. It’s like someone picked up a Linksys router manual jumbled some keywords around and made a portion of the script from it. If anyone from Hollywood reads this, I’m available to be a technical advisor. At least you might get something right for a change. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show. I’d just wish they would take the time to make some things that are supposed to be intelligent actually intelligent.

TSS is dead..dead..dead!

Well after a very long a difficult time period during which TechTV was bought out by Comcast and merged with its G4 gaming network, The ScreenSaver’s show is officially dead in my opinion. Once the news came out that the merger was in progress the show slowly began losing all the talent that made the show what it is. The final curtain call was when G4 fired everyone of the set except for Kevin Rose and Sarah Lane, both of which by the way were not original members of the show and were somewhat recent additions to the show. Kevin Rose will no longer be a host as he has just announced but will be working on content for the show. G4 in all their infinite wisdom or lack thereof, have put two of their hosts from other gaming shows as the new hosts of the show. The ScreenSavers has gone from a serious technology show to basically a kiddy show full of product placement that is of no use to any Tech savvy individual. For more information visit the post on Kevin Rose’s website:




The Screensavers Are Back!

We’ll the Screensavers are back on the air live. This time their being shot in Los Angeles with their new Co-Host Alex Albrecht. The show was alright nothing special with a stumble here and trip up there. It’s a new set and a new Co-Host it will take a while for things become harmonious. At first I was like where did they find this guy, he just didn’t hit me right. Then after the first thirty minutes or so I started to warm over and I’ll be damned if I don’t think he might be able to pull it off. Only time will tell. Also Kevin gave away 4000 Gmail invites. I have to tell you within the first minute all the invitations were taken. It took a minute or so for his Typepad page to come up from all the massive hits it was taking. I wonder how happy they were?

The End Of An Era

We’ll yesterday marked the end of an era for great geek TV. I am speaking of the death of The Screensavers and TechTV. No it isn’t quite dead yet but you can hear the long melodic drumbeat beating ever slower now days. Last night’s revelation at the end of the show is what put the final nail in the coffin for the show and the network. That revelation was that last night was Patrick Norton’s last night as a host of the show and he would not be moving to LA where the show will now be produced. The begining of the end came about a couple of months ago with the purchase of the network and the dismissal of Leo Leoporte the creator and main staple of the shows Call For Help and The Screensavers. The only two shows which kept the network alive. One can only imagine a couple of eldery drunks maning the helm of the G4 network not in the know of technology . Why take over a network when youre going to kill the two shows that make TechTV what it is. I have been watching the show since its inception, a matter of fact that was my main motivation to toss cable and buy a satelite dish. In the begining it was Leo & Kate as the hosts of the show and they had the best chemistry. When Kate left the show I didnt see Patrick filling her shoes however in some strange way it worked Kate seemed a little more knowledgable than Patrick but he did just fine. Leo was never the most knowledgable but it was his character, charisma and ability to pass the ball on when he knew it was over his head that kept you coming back. I had the privledge on several occasions to be on the show via Netcam, I think those days will be my fondest memories. On occasion a new member of the Screensavers staff was thrown into temporary hosting while either Patrick or Leo were unable to be on the show, his name is Kevin. Now kevin a young and very knowledgable individual however a host he is not. And his age shows it, especially in his sometimes irresponisble reporting. His nickname is the ‘Dark Tipper’ for his reports on hacking and so forth which sometimes flirts with being illegal or at least immoral at times. I remember the one show that infurated me the most and forced me to send emails to various senior members of the show and the network. That segment was on building a portable server. Its sole purpose was to trade illegal files wether it be MP3, Videos or a number of other files using someone elses unsecured wireless connection. Now the way he tried to justify it was by saying “you should’nt do this” to the viewers watching the show. My opinion to this is, if they should’nt do it why teach them. I am sure there are probaly a couple of individuals that have had a summons issued to them for illegal downloads by the RIAA caused by some want to be hacker after watching that show. Now the show is in the hands of Kevin alone until they find someone to co-host with him. The show lost most of their viewers with the loss of Leo as is evident in the thousands of post on Leo’s site Now with Patrick’s departure the mass exodus will be in full swing, leaving G4/Comcast with an viewerless network.