The Screensavers Are Back!

We’ll the Screensavers are back on the air live. This time their being shot in Los Angeles with their new Co-Host Alex Albrecht. The show was alright nothing special with a stumble here and trip up there. It’s a new set and a new Co-Host it will take a while for things become harmonious. At first I was like where did they find this guy, he just didn’t hit me right. Then after the first thirty minutes or so I started to warm over and I’ll be damned if I don’t think he might be able to pull it off. Only time will tell. Also Kevin gave away 4000 Gmail invites. I have to tell you within the first minute all the invitations were taken. It took a minute or so for his Typepad page to come up from all the massive hits it was taking. I wonder how happy they were?

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