Upgrade Disaster

I had a couple of clients that were dragging their feet to upgrade to Windows 2003. I had to release one as a client because of it The last client finally went the final route to upgrade their servers as well a replace an old server which was a dual P3 server. They ran into problems with backups because their backup solution was not capable of backing up the full drive. They were running a Raid 5 configuration. When I arrived Friday evening to begin the upgrade the first thing to get done was to install an external LTO2 drive to make sure I had full image of their system before all the moves and upgrades were done. With their luck and after my insistent pleading to gets this done before some disaster strikes, it happened the Raid controller froze and destroyed the OS minutes before the backup was installed. With no backup that left me with only one solution, get the OS operational at any cost. The system would not reboot properly and only showed one processor. Rather than attempt the rebuild on the current box, we opted on calling it a night and wait for me to come back in the morning with another box cable of plugging in the Adaptec 2100s controller. The new Dell box they purchased only contained a PCI-X slots so that was unusable to restore the system.
The next morning I brought the box in and had Windows 2003 installed on it prior to me plugging in the Raid controller card. Luckily enough I was able to read the data of the box. I decided to get the important files I needed off it before I attempted any repair. The server was an SBS 2000 box and I really needed to get the box operational so I could get the active directory information. Before doing a parallel install I decided to let the system do a quick repair. After a reboot the server did come back up fully. At that point I did a ghost image of the drive before the drive died once again. After that everything went pretty smoothly. I restored the image to their new Dell box, ran an in place upgrade of 2000 so that the raid controller driver from the new box was recognized by the existing OS. I got his all done at about 3am Sunday morning and was moving on to the next stage the 2003 upgrade. To my dismay, the vendor supplied the end user with the incorrect upgrade and the wrong upgrade licenses. I am actually in route this moment to do the final stage as the client has received the appropriate packages from the vendor.
Below are the pictures of how I had to have the two boxes setup to pull the data off the old machine to a temporary hard drive in the new box.

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