Back From The Hospital

I went in for surgery on Thursday Sept 7th at White Plains Hospital for a Urichal Cyst. It is really rare especially at my age. Basically when you are born the opening between the umbilical cord and the bladder closes, in my case it didn’t close properly. This caused the bladder to leak into my umbilical cord. This discharge built up until it burst through my belly button. They operated on my bladder robotically and removed the upper portion that attaches to the umbilical cord and sealed the bladder. The fun part during the surgery is that they literally had to inflate me with CO2. It doesn’t just disappear when the surgery is over, it lingers around for a while and the body has to expel it naturally. I was hospitalized till Sunday afternoon at which point I sprinted out of there to take care of my Internet fix. My overall experience at the hospital was quite not what I expected. The facilities were top notch, the nurses were very friendly and compassionate and the food was actually not bad. You heard me right the food was pretty decent. You would call the the cafeteria with a menu and order what you wanted to eat and at what time. That’s about it, I am sitting at home right now taking some painkillers and waiting for Friday to come along so the doctor can remove the Foley catheter which is draining into a bag attached to my leg. Yeah it sounds pretty disgusting but its not that bad.