Counter-Strike Source Server Up!

I have been playing Counter-Strike for over 4 years now. Counter-Strike is a team based first person shooter. It’s a game I truly love to play and I am very good at it. However with any team based game, it can be great or a disaster dependant on the other players on your team. If you have a group of players that do their jobs and play as a team it is a joy. On the other hand if you have a group of players that could care less about an objective it becomes nightmarish. I was just recently an admin on a server for a couple of months and was hated and loved by everyone. Those that could care less about an objective hated me and those that hated campers with an objective loved me. Let me explain why. On a map that the terrorists have to plant a bomb, they have the objective. The objective is to get to the bomb site and plant the bomb. On the flip side if you were a Counter-Terrorist on hostage map, your objective was to rescue the hostages. If the objective team does their job and rushes, it becomes a fun quick paced match. But once the camping begins, it is a slow and boring match. Generally you have an objective and you don’t rush, you usually lose. The thing I hate the most is when you have players trying to do their jobs and rush and you have individuals that stay at their spawn area and camp and don’t help their teammates. What happens is the rushers die because of lack of backup and then have to sit and wait 3 minutes while their camping teammates get picked off one by one. I don’t tolerate camping by an objective team under any circumstances. I lost my admin privilege on a server because of my stance, because too many whining campers complained about my strict guidelines. If I caught someone camping I would warn them 3 times. If the warnings were not listened to, I would slay the individual on the spot. If the individual continued to camp, I would kick the player. If after the slaying and kicking the player still couldn’t get it through his thick skull, I would permanently ban him with no recourse of ever coming back again. I have since gotten so frustrated I decided to put up my own server where others who share in the pleasure of the game and despise campers can join and play. If you’re looking for a good Counter-Strike server, try Source Server @