TSS is dead..dead..dead!

Well after a very long a difficult time period during which TechTV was bought out by Comcast and merged with its G4 gaming network, The ScreenSaver’s show is officially dead in my opinion. Once the news came out that the merger was in progress the show slowly began losing all the talent that made the show what it is. The final curtain call was when G4 fired everyone of the set except for Kevin Rose and Sarah Lane, both of which by the way were not original members of the show and were somewhat recent additions to the show. Kevin Rose will no longer be a host as he has just announced but will be working on content for the show. G4 in all their infinite wisdom or lack thereof, have put two of their hosts from other gaming shows as the new hosts of the show. The ScreenSavers has gone from a serious technology show to basically a kiddy show full of product placement that is of no use to any Tech savvy individual. For more information visit the post on Kevin Rose’s website: http://www.kevinrose.com/index.php/weblog/comments/144/




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