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I don’t mean to be a pain and usually refrain from negative posts about the screensavers. However could you tell your producers to start laying off of the 50 million homes line. It’s great that your channel is available in 50 million homes but you don’t have 50 million viewers as your plug is trying to make people think. If you’re producers/G4 keep up with the lame tech segments and bunny suit skits your new logo will be:


“Were available in 50 million homes, but have only 30 viewers”. And the 30 are family members of the cast and crew.

Sorry to be harsh. But the show has definitely taken a turn from a serious show to a “Laugh In!” episode. There’s an idea put up a wall with small doors and have people stick their heads out with lame tech jokes.

Please don’t I was being sarcastic.


IRC style bots on AOL?

It seems that AOL is developing bots for it’s instant messaging service. Similar to bots that have been used on IRC for years, AOL will and vendors will design bots. The user can add the bot to the buddy list. The user than sends a message to the bot and receives information pertinent information back from the bot.

Follow the link below for the InfoWorld article.


New IRC server

I have added an IRC Server to go along with the web site primarily for forum members. There is currently one channel available (#forums) for the public. As the need arises I will add new topic dependant channels as requested. I have also added a web client for the IRC channel in case you are traveling or on a guest system and do not have an IRC client installed. You can get to the web client by clicking on the “IRC Chat” button on the menu bar above. The address for the new IRC Server is irc.pc-doc.com.

I am currently testing the server software and it is currently limited at 10 concurrent users. If all goes well it will be upgraded to 100.


Forums Back Online!

The forums have been completely redone. I have decided to go with a commercial product rather than phpBB. This was done to add more functionality and flexibility to forums. Also being able to call someone for support is an added plus. If you were a member before you will have to re-register. Sorry for any inconvenience this switch over may have caused.

Ground Zero Three Years Later

After dinner in the city I decided to take a cab ride down to ground zero. They were commemorating all those that lost their lives there that fateful day three years ago. They had the towers of light on that evening to symbolize the Twin Towers. It was a very somber experience to step out of the taxi and see all the people that came down to view the lights and look at the placards of the names of all those who lost their lives and the items that were left behind in memorial. There are no words to express the feeling of sorrow I have to this day of the events of that day. My prayers go out to the families of those that lost loved ones that day. My prayers also go with those in the armed services who risk their lives everyday abroad to insure that something of this magnitude never happens again on our soil.
I have posted pictures in my Photo Album section.