Censored at Yoshi’s Forums!!


I don’t mean to be a pain and usually refrain from negative posts about the screensavers. However could you tell your producers to start laying off of the 50 million homes line. It’s great that your channel is available in 50 million homes but you don’t have 50 million viewers as your plug is trying to make people think. If you’re producers/G4 keep up with the lame tech segments and bunny suit skits your new logo will be:


“Were available in 50 million homes, but have only 30 viewers”. And the 30 are family members of the cast and crew.

Sorry to be harsh. But the show has definitely taken a turn from a serious show to a “Laugh In!” episode. There’s an idea put up a wall with small doors and have people stick their heads out with lame tech jokes.

Please don’t I was being sarcastic.


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