The Big Chill

Its……Cold out there….buuuurrrrr! Its 1 degree outside with a wind chill of 20-30 degrees below 0. I was greeted this morning with a water pipe burst and no hot water. Now that really sucks on a day like today. We’ll that kept me from going into the city today, looks like I’m stuck at home today.

Another Manic Monday

Ever have one of those days where you shouldn’t have even considered getting out of bed? Well today is one of those days for me. It all started when the end users of yesterdays database work started saying they were missing data and bank accounts. That was bad enough in itself now one of my clients in Atlanta a Stock Trader lost his Internet connectivity. At first it was a system wide issue in Georgia which was fixed within the hour. It then was compounded when his firewall decided to go south for the winter (Motherboard is Toast). So now I have to build, configure and ship one before 5pm, Lucky Me. Hope your day is better, because it can’t be any worse than mine.


Arrrrrggggh! I have been dealing with someone at TextAmerica now for over a month and have been told that they are rolling out a premium service. This premium service will allow me to drop the ads and customize the hell out of it so it matches my main site. There are several people getting away with it now for free but they are either relatives or know someone there. I will bite my tongue and wait for this roll out to materialize I guess. As for now I will tweak things here and there but I really need to work with some style sheets to help get everything aligned properly. The links above are live and will get you to my moblog so enjoy. I am calling it a night, I’m beat.

New Site Facelift

Well it has been some time since I have this site up, so I decided to give it a facelift. You’ll notice that you are now thrown right into the Blog which makes more sense, since this is update more frequently. The new layout utilizes three columns which was a real nightmare to configure. Besides using all the MoveableType menu items I will ad some outside sources as well, such as TextAmerica which is already configured. Sorry about the long hiatus but the new company I started is chewing up all my time. When the web server went down it became an afterthought rather than a main focus. I got the site up and running last night and am posting this first post on the new site from a client location in between a database maintenance. So hopefully I will keep this up for a while and leave posts as frequently as possible.

Ciao & Enjoy

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