Vibram Five Fingers

Well, I pulled the trigger today. I found a store in the city that carries Vibram Five Finger shoes. I was unsure if I should order them online because I have big feet (size 14.5) and their sizing is unconventional. I believe the sizing is based on the european metric system. My right foot is a little smaller so I bought two different sizes for a better fit. They fit very well and I kept them on since I left the store so I can get used to them. My feet are feeling some what tired and sore. I was expecting that after doing a vast amount of research on them before the purchase. Basically when you start running around barefoot which is what you are basically doing, you are using a lot of muscles that you haven’t used in a long time. I will give them a couple of days of use before I chime in with my verdict. When I do give my verdict it will be via an update on this post.

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