It took some time for me to get this long overdue post out. The move went smooth and the servers are now sitting in their new home and new cabinets. There were a million little things that needed to get worked out and that chewed up a lot of my time over the next couple of weeks. I wore my body out over those two weeks, so much so that I came down with a cold and then finally a sinus infection from it. I am taking some antibiotics now for it as well as some other medications to keep it under control and keep me functional. Below are some pics from the job, both of which will take you to the Flickr gallery for the job.

DSC00143_400x300.shkl Dsc00164 400X300.Shkl

Three Weeks Out

Things are finally coming together at the new location for my client. The server room is already at the point where I could bring in three of the four racks being installed. The fourth rack is in production and cannot be moved until the day of the move. The racks are attached with special bars that lock the units together. The racks had to be brought in so the electricians could drop down the power drops to the units and also ground the racks. The wiring and telecom guys should be dropping their lines into the racks starting next week.



Keeping Busy

One of my clients is about to move to a new location in the city. They just ordered some new Dell equipment to augment their existing IT infrastructure. The new equipment arrived on Saturday and I was able to get them up and running in a temporary location. I was able to get them to the point where I could remotely finish the work needed. I’m working on moving a large number of user directories to their new 3 Terabyte array. The array is attached to two servers and backed up by a LTO-3 tape library. Their existing server room has one rack in it and cannot accommodate the new equipment. Three new racks are going to be added to the new location at which point the new equipment will be placed in their permanent home. Working on the servers should keep me occupied all weekend with the occasional break to play some Ghost Recon 2.