After The Show

Well I finally made it to the show, it took nearly 2.5 hours to make it there. The Henry Hudson Parkway was flooded around Dykman St. Only one lane was opened during rush hour, so traffic was backed up all the way to the Saw Mill River Parkway. I tried maneuvering around it by getting off Dykman and taking side roads to 181st St. I don’t know which was worse, staying on or getting off. We had planned on going out for dinner and having a couple of drinks before the show, however we only to had enough time to throw a slice of pizza down our throats before the show. We happened to walk in just minutes before the show began. The theater was hot as hell, it felt like the AC wasn’t working or on its minimal setting at best. The show was absolutely phenomenal, those songs will be ringing in my head for the rest of the week. Speaking about ringing… For the love of God, if you’re going to a Show or a Movie TURN THAT FREAKING CELL PHONE OFF!!!!!!! It wasn’t like one person had his phone on, phones all around were going off during the show. Talk about being impolite, even after intermission they made an announcement about turning phones off. No sooner did the curtains go up for the second act did phones go off again whether audible with a ringer or vibrating away in someone’s purse. All in all even with all the traffic, and inconsiderate people it was still a fun evening.
BTW.. whats up with that Swatch Billboard? I think that’s just taking things too far. If you don’t know what Im talking about, click Moblog on the menu above and click the image of the billboard. I’ll let you figure out the rest. It reminded me of a Greg The Bunny episode when he exclaims “I’ll give it to her bunny style!”.
Good Night.

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