Republican Convention: Day 2

Security is starting to be beefed up more if you could imagine that around Madison Square Garden. I arrived at Penn Station about 6:45 this morning and there was a much stronger police presence. I also saw some secret service agents in Penn Station which I hadn’t seen earlier. As I came out onto 7th Ave. from the main entrance you also noticed more officers and more Sanitation trucks. They are using them to block of sections of the street. They are also keeping a more vigilant eye on pedestrians now. I walked out of the building to take pictures of the very low flying Coast Guard helicopter that had been circling for an hour or so. During that time I walked through one of the barricades to get to a Starbucks. When I came out with my Iced Quad Venti Latte I decided to take a couple of shots since I was at the corner of MSG. After the second picture I gained the attention of the police officers nearby, who promptly inquired what I was doing. My reply was “Just getting a coffee and taking some pictures”, at which point I was escorted towards my building. So things are definitely getting much tighter around here I can only imagine what Thursday will bring. Well enjoy the pictures I shot today on my Moblog.


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