In God we trust, at least we used too!

What is this country coming too? America was founded on religious beliefs which are evident in every document drafted in behalf of the birth of this nation down to the money you carry in your pocket. The word God is posted every where, the declaration of independence, Constitution, Pledge of Allegiance and printed on the back of the dollar bill. God represents a higher being regardless of what religion you belong too. This country was founded by those who came here to avoid religious persecution. They didn’t want the same thing to happen here so they made sure that there would be a separation of church and government. So why now after almost 230 years do we have the problems that we are faced with now? America the great melting pot, when we had so many immigrants coming into the country with different backgrounds and religions why was it not a problem back then? Why now all of a sudden do we have a problem with the word God in the Pledge of Allegiance, a young girl using the word “God in a thanksgiving poem or a teacher being chastised for handing out excerpts from the Declaration of Independence that mention God in them. At what point does this end? I can see in not to near a future that churches will no longer be able to display nativity scenes outside their churches. They will have to be brought indoors as not to offend someone. Whether you like it or not this country was built on religion and advocated tolerance for all races and their religions not the exemption of it. We now see the religious majority being persecuted by the minority. Is this what this country has turned too? In my humble opinion if you cant deal with the word God in every document that created this country, the country that gives you the ability to become whatever you want to be with hard work, the country that protects you rights as an individual there’s the door, move to another country and don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

Here are two links to some news articles, just to show you how far things are getting out of hand. I heard about these while I was driving in my car which prompted me to write this ranting.,2933,140545,00.html,2933,139812,00.html

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