All systems go!

Sorry about the outage for the past 24 hours, I had to apply some critical patches to the software I run here. I haven’t had much sleep over the past week due to client projects and my knee keeping me up. So yesterday I left the city early and wanted to go home and get some sleep. When I got home I had an urgent message from VBulletin letting me know of a critical update, so I decided to do the necessary patching before I went to land. Go figure why is it that when you least need something to blow up on you, it happens. During the updates everything blew up and I ran into dependency issues with libraries. Needless to say at 4am I threw in the towel since I needed to be at a client in Rockland at noon. When I got back I went back to work and after a couple of hours I have it back up and running. The dumb thing I did with wanting to rush to bed was not doing a database dumb. The backups I had were a couple of weeks back, so I wanted to get everything back with the directories on the system rather than killing the machine and restoring from backups. Needless to say the DOC was able to recover everything. So to vent my frustration I am going to be in a CounterStrike: Source marathon. Woe is the individual on the opposing team that runs into me tonight, because I am going to be taking out my frustration on him and give him a serious beat down.

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