Joel’s new gaming rig

Over the past week I have been helping a friend out. He wanted a killer gaming rig to do and play just about anything he wanted to do. He basically asked me if I were to build the ultimate machine what would I build. Needless to say these are the components accompanied by supporting photos. This system took a day and half just to do all the dremeling for the custom water setup and I mean custom. We used barbs on everything but unfortunately there are no flow meters bigger then that so I had to use some quick thinking to use an Innovatek flow meter without constraining water flow to everything. The flow meter is being used with an Innovatek Fan-O-Matic Micro to automatically shut down the PC in case of pump failure, since the system is left on when no one is around to monitor it. The last thing you want to happen is fry about $3000 worth of components due to a pump failure. Well here are the components that were put into a Thermaltake Armor case:


Asus A8N-SLI Motherboard, AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+, 2 sticks of 512MB Corsair 3200 XMMS XPERT (2-2-2-5 timing), 2 pieces ASUS Nvidia 7800GTX video cards in SLI mode, 2 Western Digital 74GB Raptors in Raid0 configuration, 2 Western Digital SATA2 250GB Hard Drives in Raid0 Configuration, Plextor Dual Layer 16x DVD writer, Crystal Fontz Dual Bay Display, Thermaltake 680W Power Supply

Water Cooling:

PolarFlo Chrome Pump, Danger Den TDX CPU water block, 2 Danger Den Low Profile Actel Maze4 GPU water blocks, Typhoon 120x Cylindrical Reservoir, 2 Danger Den Chrome Black Ice Extreme Radiators, Innovatek Flow Meter v2, Innovatek Fan-O-Matic, 16 OCZ Ram Sinks

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