Just my luck

I decided to move away from TextAmerica with all the recent events going on over there. If you want some background on what I am speaking of, go to the following site: extamerica. I have the overwhelming feeling they won’t be around for long. An old contact (Shawn Honnick) who used to work at TextAmerica told me to look at Flickr and their API. I have been a Flickr user ever since their service started. The reason I uses TextAmerica primarily is because I could customize my template to mimic my own site so when users jumped off it flowed like my own site. So after doing some research and seeing that it will be a bear to code the site with the Flickr API so the photos show up on my site. I decide to take the easy road to start. What’s the easy road you may ask? Setting up a sub-domain and installing WordPress. WordPress has a plug-in call FAlbum that does everything I need it to do to flow as part of my site and give me complete design control. But as luck would have it Flickr had a major storage crash which took their site down as I was getting ready to apply for the API module. They kind of lost 20 Terabytes of photos but are actively recovering that data from another Data Center. They are bringing the site back up shortly with a lot of images showing as unavailable. The images will come back on their own as the files are recovered. So as soon as they are back up I will start experimenting with FAlbum and Flickr integration into my site.

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