Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Personally, I am an in your face first person shooter kind of guy. I tried playing Splinter Cell a long time ago on the Xbox and was really thrown off by all the in the shadows game play. Sneak there and sneak here, kill that guy but don’t make a sound. It really wasn’t my cup of tea. I love to run and gun and amass a large body count. Luckily this time around with Splinter Cell: Double Agent the Xbox Live multiplayer sold me on the game and forced me to give the stealth solo missions a try in order to better myself online. I was oddly surprised to find that that after the first couple of missions I was sucked in and losing track of time. Calling my brother and friends alike asking how to get past a certain situation I found myself in, hoping that they had transverse that situation already. If you have a 360, you must try this game. It is by far one of the best titles available on the platform.

Visit the offical Splinter Cell: Double Agent site for more information, enjoy!

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