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Well, I quickly grabbed a iPhone once it was hackable to allow other networks to operate on it beside AT&T. I have several phones on my plan with T-Mobile and I was not about to get another carrier just for one phone. I would assume Apple is seeing a surge in iPhone sales after the hack became public. I figured they would have to walk a tightrope between keeping customers happy and making AT&T happy since they gave up a lot to be the sole carrier for 5 years. Today Steve Jobs publicly announced that Apple would try and thwart hackers from unlocking the iPhone. I guess they would do this with firmware updates. Let see how aggressive they will be at blocking hackers or whether this was a statement to appease AT&T. So if you are like me, I would avoid any firmware upgrades until the community confirms that it doesn’t make your phone unusable on other carrier networks. There is a link to the full story below.

PC World – Jobs Says Apple Will Fight iPhone Unlocking Hacks

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