What a beautiful day!

I am working in New your City today. What a gorgeous day it is, the sun is out and its about 70 degrees. The drive in from White Plains was great, sunroof open and The Red Hot Chili Peppers playing on my Ipod blaring through the cars sound system. Life seems to be great at times like that, why couldn’t it be like that always. Well I’ll be couped up on the 9th floor of this building for the next several hours. At least I got my Musicmatch Artist Match going and can listen to some more RHCP while I’m working. I am the only one here so I can kick it up a couple of notches. I don’t know what it is, but I have been in a RHCP mood for the past couple of days. The task I have before me is deploying about 10 Dells out to end users. I am creating a master system since I have another 10 systems arriving next week. After I finish the master system, I’ll just create a Ghost image and broadcast it out to the remaining systems. Then I’m bolting to enjoy the rest of this glorious day at an outside bar over several pints of the black stuff!! (Guinness for those not in the fold…LOL)


P.S. After reading this step away from the computer and go outside. There are other things besides that tube with a keyboard. smile

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