Lan Party

This weekend I went up to Conneticut for a Lan Party hosted by Long Island Counterstrike and Gothic PC. It was a really fun day of mostly Counterstrike. There was a turn out of about 30 players. I got into a CounterStrike Tournament and played on Team 4. As things turned out Team 4 just owned the night when it came to CounterStrike. The last couple of rounds in the last match were tight, but in general we just ran over our competition. The food was great and so were the caliber of the players. If your an avid Counterstrike player and looking for a good server with great people go visit the link above and go to one of their many game servers. You won’t find a better time any where else.

On a side note: I hope you don’t take the incredible amount of ownage against you Hocka. You just happened to be at the wrong place as that bullet whizzed by your head. LOL. Just felt the urge to add that.

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