We’ll I had nothing better to do than add an entry into my blog. Right now I’m stuck in a Metro-North train inside the tunnel just outside of Grand Central. I cut my day short so I could catch an earlier train and get some much needed rest. I would have been better off staying at my clients location and earning $125 an hour. So what have things been like lately you might ask. We’ll remember the client with the crashed hard drive, we’ll as fate would have it the data was unrecoverable. We are going to try another service that uses more extreme methods of recovery. I hope they can get some data off that drive, I feel sorry for that customer. Other than that and a couple of minor client emergencies it has beento why relatively quiet. Even though it has been quiet, I have a lot of work to finish and not sleeping much. You know I have a lot of work when I don’t have time to play CounterStrike. Whenever I jump onto one of the game servers I frequent, I hear the regulars exclaim “Whoa..PC-Doc is here, where you’ve been?” That leads me to where I am right now so tired I left early to get home have a couple beers and take a nap. Funny how life continually screws me at every chance available. We’ll the train is finally moving again after 30mins of sitting in the dark and un-air-conditioned train. I am going to submit this now and try and call my wife that is waiting for me at the station in White Plains.


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