Website Relocated

Well it is somewhat relocated, still in the same location just on a different box. When I decided to add a forum to this website, I ran into one real big problem. It ran fine locally, however when I tried to access features of it over the Internet from a remote site it would just hang. At first I thought it was a security problem with Windows 2003 Webserver Edition. So I built a new box with Fedora and Apache and low and behold the same problem. At that point I focused on my firewall which has an intrusion detection module and sure enough that was the culprit. On a previous version of the forum software I am using there was a vulnerability, so to protect my web servers from being compromised it was dropping those requests automatically. So after turning those rules off on the firewall all was operating properly. So I guess I could have left it on the other box and all would have been fine. However, the new box is a dual processor box running on Linux so it should be able to handle a lot more requests due to the low overhead without breaking a sweat.

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