Site Imporvements!

I have just finished a lot of background coding to the site. I have also upgraded the software used to create the main Blog. I went with a commercial program over the open source alternatives for its vast feature set and support. The software I went with is ExpressionEngine made by pMachine. If you’re looking to create a Blog you have to give this software a look at it is a great piece of software. The forums have been updated so log in and give them a whirl. I will try to complete the “Photo Album” section over the next week. Once that is finished I will complete the family & friends section which will be password protected.

Check back over the next couple of days, due to the frequent post that will be made here. One of my largest clients is 2 blocks from Madison Square Garden. There building is in the blocked off zone, so it will be interesting to see the troubles I have to get trough and get to their building. There was already a large police and security presence there last week. I can only imagine what it will be like with the Republican Convention in full swing. I will bring my Cannon 10D along and snap pictures off and send them directly from the site.

Well, let me go for now to continue coding. And check back for all the changes coming.


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