Windows XP SP2 Force Fed!

We’ll the good news is that you can disable Windows XP Service Pack2 from being automatically installed on your system for the time being. This is a very good in the midst of a lot of end users complaining of problems encountered after the upgrade. I had to issue warnings to all my clients because Service Pack 2 breaks PPTP (VPN) protocols and there is not a fix for it. The bad news is whether you like it or not after 240 days from August 16th 2004, your system will be forced to install it. I guess that’s a good thing if you look at all the end users that don’™t install security patches and their machines become zombies in Internet attacks. However as I have written in the past it’s a step forward for Microsoft shutting down holes for Trojans but it is only a tiny step. I feel most users will get a false sense of security with all the hype behind this service pack. Truth be told I had a lot of applications that had free run of the Internet without Microsoft’s built in firewall batting an eye let alone asking if I wanted to let the application have internet access. If you would like to read more on about this issue, I have included a link below to Microsoft’s article.

Temporarily Disabling Delivery of Windows XP Service Pack 2

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