Strong arming bloggers

What is it with big companies trying to squash bloggers lately? First it was Apple going after a 19 year old blogger concerning a scoop on Apple’s new iPod shuffle and mini Mac before they announced at Mac World. Now it seems Microsoft wants to get some bad PR by going after a couple of sites blogging about the future of their mobile technologies. It is a shame that since these bloggers are not large publications, companies like Apple and Microsoft can have their way with them. Since most of them couldn’t afford to protect themselves in court against them they usually back down due to threats from these companies. The fact is that these companies are not under any NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements) so why go after them. Go after the people who leaked the information rather than these individuals only reporting on the information that has been given them. If the people reporting the information were CNN or the New York Times, would the companies even attempt to sue them let alone strong arm them? If you ant to read some more info on these instances follow the links below.

Microsoft Boggers Recieve Legal Threats Think Secret Gets Legal Defense

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