Return Of The Tech Guys

Last night I met a bunch of the guys that I hung out with in college (New York Institute of Technology). I first caught up with them at Scruffy Duffys on 8th Avenue between 46th & 47th. We spent some time there and watched some of the Yankees game. The unique thing that the bar does is if either of the Matsuis hit a home run they buy the entire bar a drink on the house. When Matsui first stepped up to bat, he nailed it but it fell short at the warning track. One big ‘Damn’ rang out at the bar. We had a lot of fun there and had some of the best Buffalo wings I have ever had. The party then moved a little further up 8th avenue to Social a very nice bar with three floors and a great bartender on the 2nd floor named Kim. No sooner did we get there sit down have a couple of drinks still watching the Yankees get their butts kicked, Matsui steps up to the plate and nails a home run. I think we could hear the packed bar at Scruffys yelling a block away. We spent a couple of hours there before I took off to catch the 2nd to last train to White Plains. You really never want to take the last train on the Harlem line out of Grand Central because it has the nickname of ‘The Vomit Commit’ for a reason on weekends.

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