The Luck!! Aaaaarrrgh

My friends Joel and Lisa just came back from vacation with some story to tell. If they didnt have the pictures to prove it, I never would have believed them. They went to Paradise Island in the Bahamas and stayed at the Ocean Club. On the way down they flew first class and Joel had someone sitting behind him that he knew but just couldntput his finger on it. He sat in his seat listening to some Pink Floyd on his iPod when it hit him ‘That’s Roger Waters, Holy #$&#!’ Now my friend is a huge Pink Floyd fan as am I and I am surprised he didnt just jump out of his seat when he realizedit. He played it cool and managed to get an autograph as well as the photo pictured below. He was like that made the trip for me by itself, but told me it gets better. It winds up that Dustin Hoffman was staying at the same resort they were and ran into him on several occasions. Why do others have all the luck? I guess they deserve it. I have had my run in with several actors so I guess its only fair that others have the opportunity.

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