Gaming Rig

After many requests, here are pictures of my gaming rig and an inventory of the components. The system is primarily used for gaming and testing software. I keep this separate from my main workstation to ensure that it remains stable at all times. All the components are housed in a Lian-Li case. The water components all have ½ barbs on them except for the water pump which has 3/8. I modified one of the drive bezels with a dremmel so that I could insert the flow meter into it.



Gigabyte GA-K8VNX

Athlon 64 3200+

2 Sticks 512MB DDR400

MSI NVIDIA 6800 Ultra

2 Western Digital 36GB Raptors Stripped

2 Maxtor 120GB Stripped

Sony 16x Dual Layer DVD Burner

Matrix Orbital MX-212 LCD


Danger Den DDC-12V

Danger Den NV-68 GPU Block

Danger Den TDX

Danger Den Maze4

Typhoon 120X Clear Reservoir

Black Ice Extreme Radiator

PrimoFlex Clear 3/8 Tubing

ThermalTake 210 Flow Indicator

ThermalTake 120mm Blue LED Smart Fan

Xoxide 120mm Mesh Fan Filter

120mm Frag Chic Hand Painted Grill

If you click any of the pictures displayed below, they will take you to the entire grouping of photos.

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