Another IE 7 pop-up security flaw discovered | CNET

Another flaw found in the newly released Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. Don’t you just love how the general public has unwittingly become beta testers. I guess you really can’t blame them that much, there is always going to be some type of security hole in any application designed, nothing is 100% secure. I’d love to run into one of these idiots that design the malicious code, I had have a few.. Let me not get into that, it might come back to haunt me durng my murder trial. LOL

Security researchers on Monday warned of a vulnerability in Internet Explorer 7 that could allow malicious attackers to alter content in a legitimate Web site’s pop-up window. The browser flaw could affect users who visit a trusted site by opening a pop-up window in that site but containing malicious code. This is the second IE 7 flaw that has been discovered since Microsoft released the browser two weeks ago. Last week, a security flaw was discovered in IE 7 that could spoof the address of a pop-up window.

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