Got PlayStation 3?

One thing I learned well last new console role out was that I would never wait in line for 20hrs again. Yeah that’s right I stood in line for 20 cold rainy hours to snag a new Xbox360 when it was released. While it made for an interesting evening and wild story, I swore to myself that I would never go through that again. My brother on the other hand living in Venice Beach, California was smart enough to be chummy with his local GameStop manager and pre-order his when it was first available. So as he laughed via his cell phone at me while he was walking to pickup his unit in leisure during the midnight store opening I was getting drenched. This time around I made my way to my local GameStop to pre-order knowing of the impending shortages this season for the Playstation3 and the Wii. To my amazement both times I got there 2 hours before opening and was number 2 in line for the Playstation3 and number 10 for the Wii. It was my luck that both these days were normal school/business days so the majority of people could not participate in the pre-order mania. God, I love being self employed! I guess after the PS3s started selling on EBay for $2000 and Sony started sidestepping it’s early comments on the number of units available by year’s end that everyone realized that they better do what they could to grab a their guaranteed units before they would have to do the overnight campout or worse yet several day campout. I will be at the great campout marathon if only for a mere couple of minutes so I can snap pictures of the insanity. My heart goes out to those poor souls that think they have a chance come November 17th if they don’t have a pre-order.

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