PlayStation 3 Release Nears

Well we have seven days left before some of the chosen are graced with their new PS3s. I know I will be one of them perplexed with placing my unit on EBay or playing it. I will probably choose the later. It seems that all that good weather in California makes people crazy, it seems as of yesterday several people started a line at a Burbank, CA Best Buy store for the PS3 release. Kotaku has a picture of the super hardcore gamers / campers at that location. That just ruins it for everyone else that planned on waiting overnight for the unit. It only take one nut to force everyone else to call in sick for the week so they can stand in line behind him. Hopefully the campers have some sort WiFi available, this way they read the full PS3 manual that sony just posted while they wait and wait and wait and wait…


Best Buy Line:

PS3 Manual:

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  1. Hey man, might be old info – but I heard You might be under the weather and I havent seen you at ES servers since I been back on the scene. WHAMMO and the gang all hope you are ok and all is well with your family. Email me if u get a chance, and when You can come back to ES and holler at some noobs like the old days!Peace- -]WHAMMO[-EROCK!

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