Racial Slurs On Xbox Live

I wish Microsoft would police their services better than they do if they do at all. I am fed up with all the rampant racial slurs been flung around Xbox Live. You almost can’t walk into a match these days without some ignorant fool throwing out slurs based upon what he or she thinks your race or nationality is.

They only thing it would take to curb this behavior is to have Microsoft pay people to play online in random matches. When they find someone that is abusing the service with inappropriate racial comments they record the individual for their records and then ban him. When you ban him for the first offensive it would be for a week, when he is caught again it would be for a month and after that a permanent ban. Word would get out quickly amongst other players of people getting banned for inappropriate behavior and it would greatly curtail this behavior.

It is a shame to have kids that shouldn’t be playing mature games in the first place have to be subjected to this sort of language. They hear these statements and think it is funny or cool and start repeating it themselves.

I personally have had someone send me a picture through Xbox Live of himself in a KKK outfit. It took me about an hours worth of complaining through several supervisors to get them to do anything about it. They eventually banned the user after they took the time to look at the image that was sent to me.

Come on Microsoft step up to the plate and start policing your service. The one thing and the only thing I like about the PS3 is that you don’t here as much racial slurs as you do on the 360? I could never figure that one out. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

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  1. Well, me being his Hispanic, there isn’t a lack of slurs said to me or my buddies on Live. I ignore them and keep playing. People need to get with the times and learn racial slurs are out-dated. I’ve heard people call John the N- word once. Lol, so, “F” those people.

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